FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

1. General questions

Is the product ELLY certified?

ELLY is classified as a luminaire and has the CE marking. Attention: ELLY is not a medical device!

Where is ELLY produced?

ELLY is produced together with several production partners exclusively within the EU, with the final production taking place in Austria. In addition, we source the individual product components exclusively from European partners, thereby strengthening the economy in our home region.

What does the company name OPUS NOVO mean?

Opus Novo is derived from the Latin “Opus Novum,” which means “new work”.

2. Technical questions

Welche Produkteinstellungen kann ich in der App variieren?

You can vary the following functions:

  • Brightness of the night light function
  • Brightness of the light points
  • Light duration of the light points
  • Sensitivity of the motion sensor

In addition, you can also activate the light points for the alignment of the individual light points in the app for a short time or permanently.

How does the night light function work?

The night light switches on automatically when it gets dark in the room. You can vary the brightness of the night light via the app and, if necessary, deactivate it completely. This setting remains permanently stored, even if the device is disconnected from the power supply in the meantime, but can be changed again at any time via the app.

I have an idea for an improvement or any other suggestion

If you have ideas for product optimizations, further functions or other suggestions, we would be very pleased to hear from you! You are welcome to contact us via the contact form.

What are the electrical characteristics of the ELLY product?

The product has an input voltage of 5.0 VDC and a max. input current of 1.12 A. Only the enclosed power supply unit may be used to operate the product. In idle mode (no motion detected, light points not switched on), the product has a current consumption of approx. 0.2 A, resulting in an electrical work of 0.001 kWh.

How long is the cable of the power supply?

The power supply cable is about 1.5 meters long. If you need a longer cable, you can order a separate DC extension cable in our online store.

4. Smartphone APP

Which parameters can I vary in the app?

You can set in the ELLY app whether you want to be informed only visually (display on the screen) or also acoustically (alarm sound) in the event of movement. In addition, a vibration can also be set independently of the acoustic signal. You can also set how long after an alarm no new alarm should be triggered. This is relevant if an alarm occurs when going to the toilet, and no new alarm should be triggered within a certain time when going back to bed. If several modules are controlled in one app, individual modules can be deactivated so that an alarm is only triggered for certain modules.

Where can I use ELLY?

ELLY may only be used indoors! Avoid contact with water or liquids.

I have a new smartphone, will the data be lost?

Data is never stored on a server, which is why your privacy is protected in the best possible way! If you have a new smartphone, you have to register the installed ELLY once again in your APP, after that you can use your ELLY again as usual without any restrictions.

Can I access an ELLY with multiple smartphones at the same time?

No, when ELLY is connected to an APP, no other smartphone can access this ELLY at the same time. This allows higher security for data transmission and higher security for your privacy.

Can I link several ELLY modules to one APP?

Yes, you can link up to three ELLY modules with one APP at the same time.

Are there any updates for the app?

Yes, there are regular updates. Please check regularly if there is an update available. Because only then you can benefit from the latest and best version of the app.

How is my privacy ensured?

No registration or login is required to use the app. In addition, the app allows only real-time communication with ELLY, no data is cached or transmitted over the Internet! Since the product processes data completely anonymously, offline and only in real time. Thus, your data and the data of people in need of care are completely safe!

Which operating systems and cell phones are supported?

Currently, the app is only available for smartphones with Android (version 5 or higher). Availability for iOS smartphones is planned from summer 2021.

What functions does the app have?

The app displays whether motion has been detected or not. The time of the last detected movement is also displayed. If the alarm is activated, an alarm is triggered every time motion is detected. You can also “Reset” detected movements after making sure that the patient is fine. In addition, the room temperature is also displayed in the app. When using multiple modules, you can switch between the individual modules in the app.

How does ELLY communicate with the app?

ELLY communicates with the app via a local WLAN network. If you do not have a WLAN network available, the “ELLY” independently provides a WLAN network. ELLY works in the WLAN, but it is not connected to the “World Wide Web”. Thus, ELLY can only communicate with the app if your smartphone is logged into the same WLAN as ELLY!


5. Problems with the app

What do I do if the app crashes?

The following points might help to fix the problem:

  • Please try to close the app and open it again
  • Add the app to the “whitelist” of your smartphone settings
  • Disable the battery optimization in the smartphone settings
  • Disable the power consumption warning in the smartphone settings
  • Uninstall the app and then install it again
  • Look for possible solutions in the user manual

What do I do if I have connection problems?

The following points might help to fix the problem:

  • Make sure you are connected to the WLAN (not mobile internet).
  • Make sure that your smartphone and ELLY are logged in to the same WLAN.
  • Check the WLAN connection of ELLY and restart the module if necessary.
  • If necessary, rest ELLY and reconfigure it.

6. Use of ELLY

How can I clean ELLY?

Details on cleaning can be found in the operating instructions, which you can also download from our website or directly from the app.

What technical requirements do I need to use ELLY?

You need an Android smartphone with WLAN connection (Android 5 or higher) and the included ELLY app. However, you can also use the product without a smartphone in pure hardware mode (pure light control). If the power cable is too short, you will also need a DC extension cable. You can order this additionally in our webshop.

Can I use ELLY without a smartphone app?

Yes, the light control also works without the smartphone app. However, if the default settings (brightness, light duration) are not optimal for your application, you can only vary them via the app.

How do I use ELLY?

Install the ELLY module in a location that is difficult to reach for children and people in need of care. First set the sensitivity of the motion sensor via the app and test it in your application. Then test the light points. Proceed according to the operating instructions in each case. If necessary, adapt the sensor alignment and sensor sensitivity if your product does not function optimally.

7. Purchase and shipping

I have used an ELLY coupon code but did not get a discount?

If you have received a voucher code through a voucher promotion, but this discount was not deducted from a purchase, please contact us via the contact form. In this case you will get the discount credited retroactively.

Is there a guarantee?

There is a standard warranty of the product. This depends on the respective recipient country. An additional warranty is not given by us.

What about the return policy?

In principle, you are entitled to the statutory return period (see FAGG) of 14 days. For a return bill please fill out our contact form.

Do I have to pay taxes?

We charge the statutory Austrian tax rate of 20% for the sale of our products. The sales prices in our store are inclusive of taxes. If you want to order our product as a company within the scope of tax-free intra-Community supply, please contact us.

What is the shipping cost?

From an order value of € 25,- the shipping within the EU is free of charge. Otherwise we charge per order a shipping fee of 5,00 € within Austria, or € 5,- within the EU.

Which countries do you supply?

Currently we ship our product within the entire EU. Other countries (such as Great Britain, Switzerland, Norway, …) are currently not supplied, but we are working on a distribution system for these countries.

Is it possible to rent ELLY?

The product will also be available for rental at a later date. In this way, we would like to enable family members to respond more flexibly to the needs of their family members. However, the rental model has not yet been implemented.

Where can I buy ELLY?

You can buy the product directly through the webshop on our website. If you do not want to use the webshop, simply contact us via the contact form. We will then contact you directly.

8. Other questions

Can the purchase of ELLY be covered by health insurance?

Currently, we do not cooperate with any health insurance company, which means that such a settlement is not possible at the moment.

Is ELLY a medical device?

No, ELLY is not a medical device! No guarantee is given for a reduction of the risk of falling or an increase of the orientation ability of patients! ELLY only informs about detected movements, measures room temperature and activates light points in case of movement. Light automatically promotes orientation but does not guarantee any improvement. These functions exclude detection, prevention, monitoring, treatment, mitigation, avoidance and prevention of physical impairment, injury and/or disease.

Find here the EU-declaration of conformity EU-Declaration-of-conformity.

Do you have any questions? Then we are at your disposal at any time!
Mail: office@opus-novo.com Phone: +43 664 21 64 211 As of: 02.03.2021