ELLY - Der digitale Pflegehelfer
ELLY is there for you!

They are the heroes of everyday life: caregivers for elderly people make a considerable contribution to our society. ELLY wants to support you on executing this responsible task by a combination of light module and app. This gives you and your family members more comfort and a better feeling of safety.


ELLY Smartphone App

Motion Detection
(e.g. bed exit)

For relieving caregivers.

ELLY detects movements, such as leaving the bed or the room, and then sends an alarm to the smartphone or tablet of relatives or carers. This enables them to come to help immediately after a bed exit, for example. They can rely on ELLY and do not have to sleep with an “open ear” all the time.

Darstellung der Lichtpunkte im Dunkeln

Orientation Light

For more safety and orientation.

If ELLY detects a motion, such as leaving the bed, it immediately becomes active and marks the way to the door or the toilet with three light-points, to guide elderly people to the next door or to the toilet, which gives them more safety and orientation on their nocturnal ways. The light points can be individually adjusted to the room conditions.

Darstellung der Nachlicht-Funktion

Night Light

The feel-good light

If desired, the lower segment of ELLY can be used as a night light. When activated, a brightness sensor automatically switches the soft light ON in the dark and OFF again when the room is bright. The light can also be dimmed via the smartphone.

ELLY module and ELLY app

ELLY.module + ELLY.app

The Dreamteam.

ELLY combines the multifunctional module (wall mounting or with pedestal) with an app for easy use with tablet or smartphone (currently Android only). The app is suitable for private use in home care and can communicate with three ELLY modules within one WLAN network simultaneously.

We are working on …
Entspannte Frau mit ELLY am Nachtisch

Please ventilate!

Air quality monitoring
In the foreseeable future, ELLY will also monitor the air in the care room. Our little helper will then measure room temperature and air quality (CO2 and VOC) and send the results to the smartphone.

“Are you okay, Grandma?”

Communication function
At the moment, ELLY is also “learning to speak”. In the event of a bed exit message on the mobile phone, relatives can then communicate with the person in the care room via a smart function.