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Partnerships are currently only possible within Austria.
Are you a nurse, 24-hour carer, or are you interested in elderly care and looking for an uncomplicated source of secondary income? Or do you run a care placement agency, a health organization, an association or a company and are looking for a simple, additional permanent source of income? Then you’ve come to the right place! Register today as a non-contract sales partner for our ELLY product and secure an uncomplicated, additional source of income. No obligations, no contract, fair wages.

Can Opus Novo unilaterally end the partnership?

Yes. Opus Novo can terminate the partnership at any time and without giving a reason with immediate effect. From that moment, no new commissions will be paid and no new ELLY voucher cards will be sent to you. In addition, Opus Novo may also change or discontinue the entire system of contract-free distributors.

How does the system work?

As a contract-free partner, you will receive ELLY voucher cards with an individual ELLY voucher code from us and distribute these voucher cards to potential customers. As soon as someone buys or rents a product from us using this ELLY voucher code, you will receive a commission of 10% of the gross sales price. But also for customers the use of your ELLY voucher code offers an advantage: you save 10% of the sales price when buying or renting by indicating your code. A win-win situation for you and your customers.

How do I become a partner?

After you have registered via our contact form without obligation, we will send you a non-binding registration form. As soon as you have filled in the form and sent it back to us, the partnership will start and we will immediately send you 20 ELLY voucher cards. If you need more ELLY voucher cards, you can request them at any time.

What are the tax consequences for me?

It is expressly stated that your activities do not create an employment relationship! As a private person, you automatically have an independent sideline source of income through the commissions paid by us, as these commission payments do not represent income subject to wage tax for you. As long as you do not exceed the tax-free amount of 730 € within one year, you do not have to declare or act. However, if you have several such additional incomes and thereby exceed this tax-free amount, a declaration obligation and thus also further obligations on your part would arise. In this regard, we strongly recommend that you discuss the issues of income tax, VAT, SI contribution and trade law with your tax advisor! Opus Novo does not assume any liability in relation to these topics, as this is the exclusive responsibility of yourself. Furthermore, by signing the registration form, you declare that you will indemnify and hold Opus Novo GmbH harmless in any case regarding questions concerning tax law, social security law and trade law.

How can I get out of the system?

If you no longer want to be a partner, you do not need to do anything in principle. Simply dispose of the remaining ELLY voucher cards and do not distribute them any further. Also inform us about your exit so that we can remove you from the system. In addition, you can also revoke your consent to data processing, but from this point on we will no longer be able to pay you any commissions you are still entitled to.

How much can I earn?

You earn 10% of the sales price per sold or rented product with your ELLY voucher code. Converted this is about 22,50 € per sold module once, or 2,25 € per rented module per month and this over the whole rental period!
For example, if you sell 10 modules per month, you earn about 225,00 €. If you rent out 10 modules and the products remain rented out for 12 months, for example, you will earn about 22.50 € per month, or 270 € per year for a 12-month rental period, and correspondingly more for an even longer rental period.
Attention: These data are without guarantee and only to be understood as guidelines, since the prices of the products concerned can fluctuate. However, the commission rate of 10% is fixed and can not be varied unilaterally by us!

Am I contractually bound?

No! There is no obligation that you actually promote our product or actually use the ELLY voucher cards. You are not bound by any obligations and only confirm that we may process your data (e.g. for the purpose of commission payments, …). However, Opus Novo GmbH does not assume any liability for possible obligations regarding income tax, sales tax, SV contribution and trade law on your part. You can only join the system as a partner if you declare in your registration form that you will indemnify and hold Opus Novo GmbH harmless on the topics of income tax, sales tax, SV contribution and trade law. In any case, discuss these topics with your tax advisor! (see also question “What are the tax consequences for me?”)

How is the billing done?

You can contact us at any time via the contact form or at and request a payout of your collected commission. We will then inform you of your current balance. You can then informally request a payout of your credit.

Can I distribute the ELLY voucher cards in my neighborhood?

Only personal handover to potential private customers is allowed. As long as you talk to each of your neighbors personally about our product, you are welcome to give them the ELLY voucher card personally. However, dropping it in the mailbox of your neighbors is not a direct handover and therefore not allowed!

What am I not allowed to do with the ELLY voucher cards?

You may only give the ELLY voucher cards directly and personally to individual private persons. Sending them by mail, placing them at events, various mass distributions or handing them over to third parties or outside companies is not permitted. Posting in mailboxes is also prohibited. Each individual private person may only claim your ELLY voucher code once.

What are the payout options and how is the payout made?

If you represent a company, organisation or association or are self-employed, issue an invoice for the current balance. But beware, this is only possible if you are allowed to issue invoices in your name, pay tax on them yourself (income tax, VAT, SI contribution, …) and your business licence allows this source of income (e.g. relevant for a doctor’s practice). This is your responsibility, Opus Novo does not assume any liability.
If you are a private person or if you cannot or do not wish to issue an invoice for any other reason, we will issue you a “credit note” and you will subsequently receive your credit on your account. Attention: Please note the other questions listed here, in particular the question “What are the tax consequences for me?

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Is there a maximum amount?

If you choose the payout method where you invoice us, there is no maximum amount. You can also earn several thousand euros per year in commissions this way. However, you are responsible for the correct taxation (income tax, VAT, social security contribution, …) and the legal requirements (e.g. trade law, …), Opus Novo assumes no liability for this.
If you are unable to issue an invoice, you will receive a “credit note” from us, whereupon we will subsequently pay you the amount. In this case, however, you may earn a maximum of € 730,– in one year. This is approximately the amount you would reach if 32 people bought products from us with your ELLY voucher code. Attention: Please note the question “What are the tax consequences for me?

Is there a minimum amount per payout?

No. The maximum payout amount per payout is only limited by the possible maximum amount in the payout method credit. There is generally no maximum payout amount per payout for the payout method Invoice.

Is there any reimbursement for my activities?

We will send you the ELLY voucher cards free of charge. Any other costs such as travel costs or other costs for distributing the ELLY voucher cards will not be reimbursed. You will only earn commission on products sold or rented using your ELLY voucher code.

Can I also participate in this system with my medical practice?

You are a registered doctor, run a medical practice or similar and would like to place or distribute the ELLY voucher cards in your surgery and thus build up an additional source of income? In this case, we can only pay you commission if you have registered an additional business (e.g. commercial agent, …) or if your business allows this secondary activity.

Can I also do voluntary work?

Yes, with pleasure. Simply confirm that you are a volunteer on the registration form. You will not receive any commission, but customers who use your voucher code will receive double the discount, namely 20%!

How many ELLY voucher cards do I get?

To start with, we will send you 20 ELLY voucher cards free of charge. If you need more, please feel free to contact us at any time. However, a maximum of 20 new ELLY voucher cards can be requested per month. If you would like to distribute more than 20 ELLY voucher cards per month, a contractual partnership is required. Please contact us in this regard:

Where can I be a partner?

You can currently only register as a partner if you live in Austria and also distribute the voucher cards in Austria.

Am I completely anonymous as a partner?

Yes! We do not publish lists of our non-contract partners! Regardless of whether you want to become a partner of ours as a company, organization, association or private person, you are always completely anonymous and independent and therefore have no obligations. We only need your data in order to be able to pay you commissions, to be able to send you the ELLY voucher cards and, if necessary, to inform you about innovations or changes, as well as about your credit balance.